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About Filthy Signs T-Shirts

I am hard of hearing/deaf myself, and I think the designs on Filthy Signs T-shirts and Accessories are hilarious! Some people might find these filthy designs to be offensive, but that is not my intention at all. My intention is to be funny and to educate those who do not know sign language. I think most people tend to remember the cuss words easier then eventually build it up into a full-fledged conversation in sign language.

Deaf people have it rough trying to live in a hearing world where people take hearing for granted and choose to be ignorant rather than help them out with communication. My goal is to break down the communication barrier by starting with this funny t-shirt idea to get more people to learn sign language because deaf people really would appreciate hearing people making an effort to communicate. Please help them out by buying one of our t-shirts and wearing it with pride as it will make a perfect conversation starter.