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How Did Filthy Signs Come About?

Well, I transferred my job from Chicago to St. Louis and befriended a new co-worker. He was curious about sign language. One day I decided to play a dirty joke on him. I started by showing him one sign for "Good Morning." He asked me what that meant. I told him he would have to wait til the next morning for me to reveal the answer.

The next morning I signed "Good Morning" and told him what that meant. Then I followed up with another filthy sign which was "Asshole," and again he asked me what that meant. I told him I will tell him the next morning. He was getting a bit annoyed which was good news to me. HaHa. Finally, on the third morning, I signed "Good Morning Asshole" in 3 signs and told him. He laughed so hard. Since then, I look for opportunities to sign "Good Morning, Asshole" whenever I get the filthy chance on some mornings or just simply sign "Asshole!" My co-workers started picking up on it, and we would flash the filthy "Asshole" sign at each other for a good dirty laugh.

A few years later, my friend moved back to be near his hometown on the East Coast. I gave him a fond farewell filthy t-shirt gift stating "Good Morning, Asshole!" as shown below:

This simple filthy gift idea is what led me to start thinking that I probably should create a filthy signs t-shirt website that promote various funny, dirty & filthy ASL/Sign Language t-shirts showing different ASL/Sign Language cuss words and funny filthy phrases.